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The question about starting a career in motorsport is on many lips when it comes to sharing a passion for muscle cars and racetracks. However, there are many issues to consider before starting a career in racing. Determination is one of the most important qualities of a professional racer.

Discover a variety of intriguing podcasts for speed junkies to indulge themselves in. Listen to advice from experts in the motoring world and get some insight into what goes on behind the scenes at some of the most prestigious racing events in the United Kingdom.

Take a look at some of the oldest motorsport clubs in the world. Some of these clubs have held on to their reputation for more than a hundred years. It is inspiring to find out where these clubs began and how far they have come over the decades.

Read about the exciting history of motorsports in the United Kingdom – and the factors that have contributed to the success of Formula 1 racing in the country. The future of Formula 1 racing in the UK is bright thanks to educational institutions that have incorporated motorsport courses as part of their curriculum.

With the advent of motorsport in the early 20th century, event organisers were indifferent to implementing safety standards on the part of the drivers and the spectators. Witness how some of the most gruelling events in the history of motorsports have led to changes in safety protocols and regulations when it comes to participating in the sport.

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