Every aspiring race car driver needs some motivation to fuel their passion for the racetrack. Podcasts are an effective way to stay mentally sharp and focused. Here are a few channels that continuously provide listeners with the best news, highlights, and information from the world of motorsport racing.

Motorsport Coaching Podcast – motorsportcoaching.libsyn.com

Based in Victoria, Australia, Motorsport Coaching is a channel hosted by real-life motorsport racers. They have many years of racing experience and are devoted to getting listeners to the next level in their racing. The host talks to the best racers and to people that can inspire other racers. Get tips on nutrition, fitness, psychology, sponsorship, social media, and public relations.

The Autosport Podcast | F1 & more – autosport.com/podcast

The Autosport Podcast is based in Richmond, England, UK. This channel is devoted to fans of Formula 1, Sportscars, Touring Cars, and Rally. The podcast presents listeners with in-depth analysis, expert opinions, technical insights, racing tips from the world’s leading motorsport enthusiasts.

Garage Heroes in Training – garageheroesintraining.libsyn.com

This podcast is run by an amateur endurance auto racing team. They encourage listeners to participate in performance driving. They aim to teach individuals who know nothing or very little about motorsport.

They help individuals to become better drivers, giving expert advice on racing. This is a young racing team, and they encourage lifelong learning. They vow to cover all types of racing and hope to entertain their audience as they make their way to the finish line.

Motorsport101 – motorsport101.com/podcasts/

Motorsport101 is a podcast hosted by Andre Harrison that takes on the basics of motorsport racing every week. The podcast covers all the news and activities surrounding Formula One, Formula E, Super GT, and whatever else is trending on the motor racing news. They aim to provide listeners with original and refreshing topics, with a modern take on the world of Motorsport.

The MotorMouth Podcast – motormouth.club/podcasts

MotorMouth is based in London, UK, and forms part of the MotorMouth Media group. This show is one of the most popular motorsport podcasts in the United Kingdom. The hosts take on a range of racing topics, including Team Principals, IndyCar World Champions, and let listeners reminisce of F1 legends of years gone by.

Motorsport podcasts allow listeners to tune in daily on what racing enthusiasts have to say about what’s going on in the paddock. There are informative interviews with the sport’s leading figures – along with daily updates on the world of motorsport. Access these channels to learn more!