Toughest Motorsport Clubs in the UK

Motorsport clubs have been around for decades, their popularity growing with every passing decade. There are some serious clubs that have stood the test of time in the United Kingdom. The following clubs are among the most daring in the motorsport industry and will give readers something to think about.

The Bath Motor Club

The club was founded all the way back in 1963. The Bath Motor Club has been well integrated into the English motoring community. The club is actively involved with the racing community in England and is arguably one of the leading clubs in the country.

The organisation is a subsidiary of the Motor Sports Association (BMC) and also contributes to other regional motorsport associations in the West, South, Midlands and Wales. Members are often spectators of the sport.

There is a strong culture of social engagement among club members. They host a variety of trips, mini-games, guest speakers, and much more to keep members entertained.

Guildford Motor Club

The Guildford club competes in many events annually. These include car scatter events with normal vehicles to thrilling rallies using special race cars. This gives members of the club a good mix of races to participate in. The club is open to drivers of all skill levels.

The club was originally established by 6 motoring experts in 1953. It was originally formed to compete in races and rallies. Today, Guildford is one of the largest motorsport clubs in the world.

There are two social nights each month. Their meetings do not interfere with daily responsibilities, and users can stay connected with the club’s latest news and events via a monthly Guildford magazine.

Lancs Auto Club

Established in 1902, the Lancs Auto Club is one of the oldest motoring clubs in the United Kingdom. It is currently the second oldest club of its kind in existence. Members of the club will feel a little nostalgia for being part of this real-life historical body in the history of British motoring.

The club still holds a significant reputation among motoring enthusiasts, competing in various rallies across Europe. The club hosts signature rallies of its own. They also host events like the prestigious Wales Rally GB.

Their level of commitment has seen the club receive international recognition and honours, such as being approached by internationally renowned motoring companies. With more than 120 years running, the Lancs Automobile Club is still going strong.

It is amazing to see how these old clubs are still actively involved in their community by hosting events and keeping up appearances on social media. It is quite challenging to become an honourable member of any one of these clubs – but it won’t hurt to try!

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